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Getting Graphic

Q&A with Whistle & Flute’s Miranda McCullagh

Adrianne Thomson


Whistle & Flute is coming to MiniPrivé and we could not be more excited/thrilled/over the moon.

In anticipation of its arrival, we caught up with Miranda from Whistle & Flute to hear what life is like for the wife and husband team behind this lovely fashion line.

whistle_and_flute_mirandaTell me a little about yourself. Have you always lived in Victoria? Any hobbies or top-secret talents?

Born and raised in Victoria. I love to travel but I’ve never been tempted to move from here. It’s such a nice little island and my family is here too.

Before we had kids, my husband Ryan and I had an Indie Pop band called The Paper Cranes. Playing music has always been my biggest passion. But I am incredibly introverted and hated the bar life. I’m very happy to be done playing live shows. Raising our two boys and working on Whistle & Flute are my main focuses. But I love a good DIY home project and get antsy when I haven’t re-arranged or re-decorated a room in a while.

What sort of a child were you?

Outgoing and creative. Which is strange because I’m definitely not out going as an adult. I loved to draw and didn’t often play with toys.

What’s a day in the life of a creative/mom/business owner look like?

Busy. Right now it’s 2pm. Today we woke up, did some crafts, played cars, I showered while entertaining my eldest with iPad apps, ate lunch and now it’s nap time. I am wearing my 2 month old in my baby wrap and bouncing while writing and trying to print out some orders. I fit as much work in on weekends as I can and when the babies are sleeping.

What’s the creative process like when you share it with your spouse?

Each one of Ryan’s designs has gone through hours and hours of editing and tweaking until it’s just right. I like to pretend Tim Gunn is here telling us to “make it work” and “edit edit edit”.

Where do you get your personal style/design inspiration?

I am inspired by all the cool IG moms I meet everyday. I’m inspired by graphic design and really want to make clothes that are unisex, ageless and genderless.

How would you describe the fashion environment of Victoria?

Rainy chic. I think Victoria is a very fashionable city, especially for it’s size. Just take a walk on Lo Jo to see some of the most stylish shops and people.

Best/favourite restaurant in Victoria to take the family? On a date with your hubby?

Turmeric. I also love Fujiya for take out sushi. Ryan is a really great cook so I often prefer his food to most restaurants.

Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

The best way to find out about us is on our instagram @whistleandflute. I really use it as my daily outlet for what’s going on with us, behind the scenes stuff and cute pictures of kids!

whistleandflute           I never leave home without my . . .  iphone

           A woman can never have enough . . . chocolate and shoes

          This summer I am going to . . .  try wearing shorts

          One word that describes me best . . . organized

          Family means to me . . . everything.

          The best advice I’ve ever received was . . . set goals.” If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”

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